Flowers and Flutes

One of the most satisfying aspects of floristry is seeing the absolute delight on a bride’s face when she sees her wedding flowers for the first time. This weekend was no different as we provided Eriko with her bridal party and reception flowers at the beautiful and highly sought-after Flutes restaurant, located within the National Museum.

The brief was focussed on whites, lilacs and greens, perfectly suiting our styling, and comprised table arrangements, each with their own unique vase. These consisted of old mason jars, porcelain swans, and vintage brass containers.  The bride’s bouquet, bridal party corsages and floral headpieces were all designed to tie in with the whimsical and wild look.  Given the creative freedom we strode on, with enthusiasm at our heels. Not a small task by any stretch, but one which we relished.

Flutes’ dining area is large, light and airy, and the tables were nice and wide. While we used a mix of vases for the arrangements, the focus was mainly on our lovely white swans. Despite being partially covered by the foliage, every now and then you get a glimpse of the graceful lines of the neck, or the glint of the gold beak, and it adds a touch of “je ne se quoi” to the overall effect. They don’t get used too often so it was really wonderful to showcase them again.

The beauty of such a simple brief is the ability to mix and match the flowers for different purposes. White hydrangeas provided the largest pop of white, while Roses, Lisianthus, Queen Anne’s Lace and Stocks ensured balance (and a wonderful scent!). The greens were provided by a heady mix of solomon’s seal eucalyptus, magnolia branches and green bell, with the emphasis on ensuring the arrangements were long and low; stretching themselves out along the tables.

Eriko’s reaction to seeing her bridal bouquet was a delight and it was an absolute honour to be the floral elves playing a small part in making her day perfect.


“It is at the edge of a petal that love waits.”

-William Carlos Williams

It's the little touches that make it so personal
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